Why ESG?

Staying at the Forefront

Solutions for Every Objective

  • Core ESG

    Designed for the core part of a portfolio, these indices are constructed to be similar to their underlying benchmarks while favoring positive ESG characteristics.

  • Smart Beta ESG

    These indices integrate ESG elements with more traditional factor strategies for the purposes of fitting more tailored requirements, and for both strategic and tactical allocations.

  • Thematic and SDGs

    Providing targeted exposure to ESG themes, these indices home in on specific concepts including clean energy and water infrastructure.

  • Green Finance

    To improve access to the flourishing green bond market, these indices track the universe of green fixed income instruments that are funding projects with specific environmental or climate-related benefits.

  • ESG Innovations

    Starting with the world-renowned Dow Jones Sustainability Indices, we’ve made it our mission to extend the scope of what ESG indices can embody. Watch this space for new and exciting concepts.

Key Indices

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Research & Insights

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    S&P Carbon Efficient Indices: Our Approach

    The S&P Carbon Efficient Indices are designed to reduce exposure to high-carbon companies while maintaining a risk/return profile similar to that of their benchmarks.

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    Carbon Pricing: Discover Your Blind Spots on Risk and Opportunity

    Find out what you could be missing.

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    Long-Termism: Index Impossible?

    Is it possible to capture a company’s commitment to the long-term in an index framework?

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    Social Themes in Index Investing: Human Capital

    How is the “S” in “ESG” being defined as it expands into mainstream investing?

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    A Look Inside Green Bonds: Combining Sustainability With Core Fixed Income

    What sets green bonds apart from other ESG fixed income investments?

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