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Jun 15 2017

Aligning Sustainable Development Goals With Investment Objectives

Aligning Sustainable Development Goals With Investment Objectives

Jun 12 2017

ETFs in Insurance General Accounts – 2017

Insurance companies have invested in exchange traded funds (ETFs) since 2004.

Jun 02 2017

S&P Global Equity Indices Monthly Update May 2017

S&P Global Equity Indices Monthly Update May 2017

May 30 2017

Mid-Year Research Update - 2017

Most active managers fail most of the time, at least if we define failure as underperformance of an appropriate passive benchmark. Success, when it does occur, tends not to persist.

May 09 2017

Carbon Scorecard: May 2017

There has been a market reflection with regard to the integration of climate risk and opportunities analysis into investment decisions.

May 05 2017

The Sum of the Parts

Given the success of strategies that exploit single factors, it is not surprising that strategies designed to exploit more than one factor have begun to pique the interest of market participants. If two factors work independently, they might also work well in combination.

May 04 2017

Completing the Picture: Measuring Environmental Performance Across Multi-Asset Investment Strategies

How can market participants obtain a complete picture of corporate environmental performance?

May 03 2017

S&P Global Equity Indices Monthly Update April 2017

S&P Global Equity Indices Monthly Update April 2017

Apr 28 2017

The Energy Effect

Apr 28 2017

Sector Showdown

Apr 26 2017

The Merits and Methods of Multi-Factor Investing

Is it wise to rely solely on the performance of one factor or, if not, what multi-factor approaches could be considered and how effective are they?

Apr 24 2017

ESG’s Growing Global Impact: Spotlight on Japan

Research by ESG rating houses, academic institutions, and industry studies by Mercer (2007, 2009, 2015), Deutsche Bank (2012), and Morgan Stanley (2015) have provided empirical evidence that “investing in sustainability has usually met, and often exceeded, the performance of comparable traditional investments."

Apr 18 2017

How Safe Is Your Sector?

Explore an analysis of the required returns of stock and bond sectors to understand potential weighting opportunities within each asset class and to find the relative value between asset classes within each sector.

Apr 12 2017

Should Municipal Bonds be Considered “Core”?

In the current financial environment, the often misunderstood municipal bond market is not considered to be a “core” asset class by many investors, nor is it labeled as such by institutions offering financial products to investors

Apr 05 2017

S&P Global Equity Indices Monthly Update March 2017

S&P Global Equity Indices Monthly Update March 2017

Mar 24 2017

Applying Equity Duration to Pension Fund Asset Allocation: A Review of S&P 500® Duration

The difficulties associated with estimating equity duration do not detract from its importance in portfolio immunization, tactical asset allocation, and risk management.

Mar 23 2017

Aligning Impact and Income - The Next Generation of Green Bond Indices

Explore the potential opportunities and remaining challenges for green bonds as green finance investment instruments.

Mar 21 2017

Value and Momentum Strategies in Latin America

In this paper, we explore how a stylized, factor-based framework could be applied to equity markets in Latin America and whether performance can vary in different Latin American countries.

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