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Dec 12 2017

TalkingPoints: In the Wake of Fallen Oil

In the wake of fallen oil, lower commodity volatility, and increased regulation, many commodity desks and asset managers have been forced to shrink or close altogether.

Nov 07 2017

Talking Points: The S&P Systematic Global Macro Index

The S&P Systematic Global Macro Index (S&P SGMI) is designed to offer a low-cost, liquid, and transparent solution by spreading risk evenly across the global futures markets with a long/short trend following rule to deliver results with little correlation to traditional markets.

Jul 12 2017

S&P MARC 5% Index

A Dynamic Multi-Asset Strategy

Jun 30 2017

Talking Points - Focusing the Lens on Brazilian Commodities With the Dow Jones/BM&F Commodity Index

In an effort to expand transparency and liquidity by measuring local markets, S&P Dow Jones Indices is partnering with B3 (formerly BM&FBOVESPA), the Brazilian exchange, to offer the Dow Jones/BM&F Commodity Index.

Apr 21 2017

Talking Points - Commodity Trends Boost Leveraged and Inverse Indices

In the world of declining commodity prices following the global financial crisis, inverse indices became popular for market participants looking to profit from the negative returns.

Sep 15 2016

TalkingPoints: How Market Participants Found Light With Commodity Indices in a Dark Decade

To many market participants, it may seem like a “lost decade” for passive commodity indexing. After all, the most widely-recognized passive commodity index, the S&P GSCI (TR), lost about 10% annualized over the past 10 years. It is not the most impressive statistic, and what is worse is that the drop was not from a one-time crisis event. It was the result of an ongoing saga of dismal fundamental factors like slowing Chinese demand growth and an oversupply of oil from OPEC and U.S. producers, in conjunction with a range of unfavorable macro factors like a strong U.S. dollar, low interest rates, low inflation, and low growth. However, as with all crises, opportunities arise.

May 11 2016

Exploring the Road to Inflation Protection When Energy Fails

The following analysis shows how real assets may provide inflation protection and affect portfolio diversification in different markets around the world, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, the Eurozone, Japan, Mexico and South Korea.

Jan 18 2016

Let’s Get Real About Indexing Real Assets

The S&P Real Assets Index gives investors an innovative yet simple tool that may improve diversification and inflation protection while meeting the risk requirements of today.

Sep 16 2015

TalkingPoints: The Oil Effect

Dig deeper into the economic effects and potential opportunities surrounding recent drops in oil.

Sep 10 2014

Weighing in on the Dow Jones Commodity Index and the S&P GSCI®

The two flagship commodity indices, the S&P GSCI and the Dow Jones Commodity Index (DJCI), employ similar index construction methodologies, with weighting as the main difference between them.

Apr 24 2013

Practice Essentials - Understanding Commodities and the S&P GSCI®

This Practice Essentials paper focuses on understanding commodities as an asset class as well as the S&P GSCI® a preeminent measure of a basket of commonly traded commodities futures contracts.

May 31 2012

Practice Essentials - Accessing Real Assets through Equities

S&P Practice Essentials Series is a curriculum based, educational program covering selected financial markets, asset classes and indexing concepts.

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