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Aligning Sustainable Development Goals With Investment Objectives How are social development goals defining the course of ESG progress?


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are 17 social, environmental, and economic goals that frame the global agenda for sustainable development. The aim is for all countries to achieve the goals and their targets by 2030.

They were adopted by the international community in September 2015 and cover a diverse range of issues including gender equality, sustainable cities, access to clean water, decent work and economic growth, and good governance.

The SDGs’ focus is broader than the preceding Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), as the MDGs were largely determined by OECD countries and international donor agencies. In contrast, the SDGs have been produced by detailed international negotiations that have involved high-, middle-, and low-income countries.

Progress toward the MDGs also varied sharply along two key dimensions: the rural-urban divide and demographic features. People living in cities saw far more development progress than those in rural areas, reflecting the importance of scaling economies in urban centers and the challenges of providing services in more sparsely populated rural localities.


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